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Hou2Touch Weekly #10

- Artist talk with Vadim Epstein. Generative Video with Stable Diffusion. - FREE PDF guide: Local Setup for Generative Video with Examples - Promocodes only for subscribers - Hou2Touch Intro. Lesson 9. Create the Procedural Gear Asset in Houdini and TouchDesigner - BIENALSUR Biennial (Argentin...
30 MarchMaksim Smirnov

Hou2Touch Weekly #9

- Our crew turned 2 years! - Hou2Touch Free Lesson - Houdini Procedural Example - Per Forma. Software for control everything by Movement. System Presenation - How to deform the geometry using GLSL Vertex Shader - Early bird super discount on the flagship Hou2Touch course and the opportunity to l...
28 JanuaryMaksim Smirnov

Hou2Touch Weekly #8

- Intro to Procedural Thinking Free lesson - We have come up with a more flexible system of payment and fixing discounts on all forms of training for the flagship Hou2Touch course - Demystifying TouchDesigner SOPs 08. SurfSect, CurveSect, Trim, and Project - Record of stream TouchDesigner 2023 an...
17 December 2023Maksim Smirnov

Hou2Touch Weekly #7

- How to make the Industrial vocal track with Hypnoskull - What's new? Stream about Bitwig Studio 5.1 and TouchDesigner 2023 Updates - First course about AudioVisual production using Bitwig & TouchDesigner - Demystifying TouchDesigner SOPs 07. Cutting Geometry Tools: Boolean, Carve, Clip SOPs -...
13 December 2023Maksim Smirnov

Hou2Touch Weekly #6

- What's new? Stream about Bitwig Studio 5.1 and TouchDesigner 2023 Updates - Demystifying TouchDesigner SOPs 06. Basic Modeling Tools: Extrude, Revolve, Skin, Sweep SOPs - Procedural Pipeline for every CG Artist Free lesson - 10-minutes tutorial: 003. TouchDesigner. Play 30 Audio Samples with o...
8 December 2023Maksim Smirnov

Hou2Touch Weekly #5

- Intro 2 Procedural workflow Free lesson - Demystifying TouchDesigner SOPs 05. Deformers. Twist, Noise and Blend SOPs - Tutorial: 002. TouchDesigner. Control Particle SOP with Optical Flow
2 December 2023Maksim Smirnov

Hou2Touch Weekly #4

- Workshop: Introduction to Bitwig. AV setup with Bitwig and TouchDesigner. New 6 weeks course - Demystifying TouchDesigner SOPs 04. Deformers. Lattice & Magnet SOPs - Tutorial: 001. TouchDesigner. Control RampTOP with HSV Values
23 November 2023Maksim Smirnov

Hou2Touch Weekly #3

- AI/ML in Visual. Online Course Starting Soon. - Demystifying TouchDesigner SOPs 03.Working with geometry Attributes. - Modulate & Conquer. Free lesson about Bitwig & TouchDesigner.
13 October 2023Stanislav Glazov

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