Hou2Touch Weekly #5

- Intro 2 Procedural workflow Free lesson - We are launching a new stream of the Hou2Touch online course with curatorial support! - Demystifying TouchDesigner SOPs 05. Deformers. Twist, Noise and Blend SOPs - Dimension Weekend discounts - Tutorial: 002. TouchDesigner. Control Particle SOP with O...
2 DecemberMaksim Smirnov

Hou2Touch Weekly #4

- Workshop: Introduction to Bitwig. AV setup with Bitwig and TouchDesigner. New 6 weeks course - Demystifying TouchDesigner SOPs 04. Deformers. Lattice & Magnet SOPs - CyberMonday Discounts - Tutorial: 001. TouchDesigner. Control RampTOP with HSV Values
23 NovemberMaksim Smirnov

Hou2Touch Weekly #3

AI/ML in Visual. Online Course Starting Soon. Demystifying TouchDesigner SOPs 03.Working with geometry Attributes. Modulate & Conquer. Free lesson about Bitwig & TouchDesigner.
13 OctoberStanislav Glazov

Hou2Touch Weekly #2

Modulate & Conquer. Free lesson about Bitwig & TouchDesigner. Demystifying TouchDesigner SOPs 02.Generators. Vadim Epstein and AI/ML in Visual.
5 OctoberStanislav Glazov

Hou2Touch Weekly #1

Demystifying TouchDesigner SOPs 01. Add, Limit, CHOP to, DAT to. Vadim Epstein and AI/ML in Visual. How to animate nodes in TouchDesigner network editor tutorial.
13 SeptemberMaksim Smirnov

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