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In this 4-hour Masterclass "How to Create an Interactive Installation in 4 Hours " Stanislav Glazov from Hou2Touch will teach you how to implement a full-fledged project to create an interactive installation in an online masterclass.
22 JuneMaksim Smirnov

60th Prompt Challenge

Join our 60th Prompt Challenge by creating your own unique work inspired by the Hou2Touch masterclass "How to Create An Interactive Installation in 4 Hours." This challenge emphasizes integrity, urging you to use the tools and experiences from the masterclass to develop your own original ART.
3 JuneMaksim Smirnov

Hou2Touch Weekly #10

- Artist talk with Vadim Epstein. Generative Video with Stable Diffusion. - FREE PDF guide: Local Setup for Generative Video with Examples - Promocodes only for subscribers - Hou2Touch Intro. Lesson 9. Create the Procedural Gear Asset in Houdini and TouchDesigner - BIENALSUR Biennial (Argentin...
30 MarchMaksim Smirnov

Hou2Touch Weekly #9

- Our crew turned 2 years! - Hou2Touch Free Lesson - Houdini Procedural Example - Per Forma. Software for control everything by Movement. System Presenation - How to deform the geometry using GLSL Vertex Shader - Early bird super discount on the flagship Hou2Touch course and the opportunity to l...
28 JanuaryMaksim Smirnov

Hou2Touch Weekly #8

- Intro to Procedural Thinking Free lesson - We have come up with a more flexible system of payment and fixing discounts on all forms of training for the flagship Hou2Touch course - Demystifying TouchDesigner SOPs 08. SurfSect, CurveSect, Trim, and Project - Record of stream TouchDesigner 2023 an...
17 December 2023Maksim Smirnov

Hou2Touch Weekly #7

- How to make the Industrial vocal track with Hypnoskull - What's new? Stream about Bitwig Studio 5.1 and TouchDesigner 2023 Updates - First course about AudioVisual production using Bitwig & TouchDesigner - Demystifying TouchDesigner SOPs 07. Cutting Geometry Tools: Boolean, Carve, Clip SOPs -...
13 December 2023Maksim Smirnov

Hou2Touch Weekly #6

- What's new? Stream about Bitwig Studio 5.1 and TouchDesigner 2023 Updates - Demystifying TouchDesigner SOPs 06. Basic Modeling Tools: Extrude, Revolve, Skin, Sweep SOPs - Procedural Pipeline for every CG Artist Free lesson - 10-minutes tutorial: 003. TouchDesigner. Play 30 Audio Samples with o...
8 December 2023Maksim Smirnov

Hou2Touch Weekly #5

- Intro 2 Procedural workflow Free lesson - Demystifying TouchDesigner SOPs 05. Deformers. Twist, Noise and Blend SOPs - Tutorial: 002. TouchDesigner. Control Particle SOP with Optical Flow
2 December 2023Maksim Smirnov

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