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are complementary programs for solving a wide spectrum of creative tasks for 3D graphics, motion design, performance art, and interactive installations.

Both programs are based on the same node engine and share the procedural approach, a variety of data formats, and UI concept.

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any day


44 weeks

10.5 Months





Houdini 19

TouchDesigner 099 / 2022

Unreal 5 


10 hours Weekly

End date: 2023.10.20

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It's a first course in the market combining different programs with a continuous comparison of pros and cons of solving different production tasks in each of them.

You will learn to find solutions yourself.

You will deeply understand the data flow and hidden logic of Houdini and Touchdeisgner.

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  • Find a unique solution instead of using standard approaches
  • Automatization

  • Extend your professional field of application
  • Save your time using digital assets and realtime rendering

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Stanislav Glazov

3D and audiovisual artist with over 22 years of experience in computer graphics and 20 years of teaching experience

Worked in the production of the computer game Killer Tank, Pilot TV, on the first Russian animation projects in the Classic Studio, on the largest film projects in the German studios Trixter Film and Scanline CA as a technical director for pipeline, Character Animation, Cloth Simulation TD, RnD for VFX.

After 2010 - creation of an automated infographic visualization system for Kommersant TV, cooperation with the largest Russian companies - SilaSveta, Stereotaktik, Invisible, Raduga Design - on VideoMapping projects.

In 2013, he created his own generative design studio Licht.Pfad.

Cooperation with WhiteVoid.

Creation of AV Performances in partnership with Dasha Rush, Robert Lippok

Performances at all the iconic festivals of the planet: Berlin Atonal, Mutek Montreal, Ars Electronica Linz, Unsound Festival in Krakow, Raster-Noton night in Berghain, Barbican London, Resonance Festival in Tokyo, Mira Festival Barcelona, L.E.V. Festival, Light Festival Lyon

Since 2016 - working on theater projects with Maxim Didenko, including the creation of media servers for various performances.


Creation by Stanislav of the first author's course. It was a course on character animation in Maya, prepared for Realtime School in collaboration with Maria Stepanova (Animation director and teacher at VGIK)

> 40 performances

at major international festivals and conferences such as CGEvent (lectures on Houdini), Signal Festival in Prague, LPM Rome, Touchdesigner Summit in Montreal, etc.

> 2,000 people

have attended various trainings and courses by Stanislav - both organized by him personally and conducted jointly with various schools and institutes (among the latter - "Realtime", "SAE Academy", "Screamschool", "Houdini-Howto + RRM", "Bilgi University")

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For TouchDesigner:

Operating System

- Microsoft Windows 8.1 / 10
- Apple macOS 10.12 and up

Graphics Cards

- A minimum of 1GB GPU memory and use of the most recent Nvidia drivers, AMD drivers or Intel drivers is recommended. TouchDesigner uses OpenGL.

Desktop Cards
- Nvidia GeForce 600 Series Card or better
- AMD HD 7000 Series Card or better

Workstation Cards
- Nvidia Quadro K Series Card or better
- AMD W or V Series Card or better

Integrated Graphics
NOTE: Not all features are supported on integrated video chipsets and there is a lower expectation on overall performance.
- Intel HD4000, HD5000 and above

Input Devices

- A three-button mouse with scroll-wheel is required.

For Houdini:

Operating System

- Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10 / 11 (64 bit)
- Requires 64-bit Intel-based or Apple Silicon Mac with macOS 10.13 and higher

Note: on an M1 mac it is NOT supported natively yet. You can run via Rosetta and therefore the performance won't be as good as it will be once native support is added.

Graphics Cards

- 4GB VRAM or more is required.
- A GL4.0 compliant graphics card is required. GL3.3 cards will have missing features and lower GL versions will not run Houdini 19 at all.

- NVIDIA Quadro & GeForce GPUs: 511.09 Studio Driver or higher 
 - AMD: 21.Q4 or higher
 - Intel or higher.


4 GB required
12 GB or higher recommended and 64GB strongly recommended for fluid simulations

Intel or AMD x64 CPU with SSE 4.2 required

For You:

Free up time for lessons and have fun

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