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starts june, 21

online self-study & curatorial support


The course is based on long and intensive experience of trying to improve the complexity and quality of real time Graphics created in TouchDesigner.
It's oriented to intermediate TD users with an understanding of the SOP concept and basics of the GLSL coding

Don't be afraid if you are beginners - in the first third of the course you will receive a powerful base

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about houdini 
and touch designer

Houdini and Touch designer are complementary programs for solving a wide spectrum of creative tasks for 3D graphics, motion design, performance art, and interactive installations.

Both programs are based on the same node engine and share the procedural approach, a variety of data formats, and UI concept.

Actually learning TouchDesigner you are already learning Houdini and the opposite

Academic approach 
to education

We have chosen to focus on providing strong foundational knowledge which is inherent in classical education. We have spent a considerable amount of time gathering feedback to understand what people want from their education. As a result, we have developed a well-organized approach that covers various topics in Houdini and TouchDesigner. Our goal is to help learners grasp the core concepts of both programs and gain a comprehensive understanding.

Practice-oriented teaching

We will provide you with an extremely fast diving in practical work. You will learn how to think out of the box and find your own ways to solve problems.

Multiple software in one course

Both Houdini and Touch Designer works in a bound together with other software such as Unreal Engine. We believe that this wide approach which contains different programmes help our students to have more sophisticated instruments to work with for creating both real-time and non-real-time graphics and art.

Proficiency in pipeline mindset

We don't teach the programs and buttons, but the way of thinking and workflow, how to structure your work and build a clear pipeline in the future projects.




35 weeks

Your skill level

Beginner, intermediate


Houdini 20 TouchDesiner 2023 Unreal 5


10 hours weekly

End date



Self-study or with Curatorial support

Who needs this

Motion Designers Media artists 3D Artists VR / XR Producers NFT Artists Interactive Developers Musicians VJs Video Engineers

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Level Task:

In the first level, we have to make a very fast introduction to the theory and praxis of using TouchDesigner and Houdini.
Level separated into 3 modules.

Skills after the level:

After this level, you will be already practicing TouchDesigner user with the practical skills for:

  • visualizing simple 3D scenes
  • do compositing and video processing and and being able to set up logic and UI for
  • the content playback
  • audio-reactive
  • generative
  • and keyframe animations.

You will also have a basic understanding of the TouchDesigner/ Houdini approach to work with geometrical data.

Level Task:

In the second level, we concentrate on Procedural Modelling, Rendering, and Dynamics Simulations in TouchDeisgner and Houdini.

Skills after the level:

Deep understanding of SOP Workflow, including:

  • Creating complex scenes with Geometry Arrays.
  • VOP and Vex
  • Instancing
  • L-Systems
  • You also will be able to make a dynamic simulations using:Bullet Solver, Particle Systems, Vellum, and SOP Solver
  • Use TouchDesigner PBR Rendering and adjust Shaders using GLSL
  • Use RedShift, Mantra and Karma Rendering
  • Create generative textures using Substance Designer and import them to TouchDesigner and Houdini

Level Task:

In the third level, we go through the practical cases, including:

  • AudioVisual performance system
  • User Interfaces and interactive installations
  • Web Integration and Data Visualisation
  • Integration of Houdini and TouchDesigner with Unreal Engine

Skills after the level:

You will be able to:

  • Work with Kinect, Leap Motion, and other sensors
  • Integrate the TouchDesigner with Ableton
  • Work with JSON API and create nice data vizualisation.
  • Create Digital Assets and Automated tasks using Python Scripting.
  • Build modular complex applications
  • Create Digital Assets and export them to Unreal Engine

Stanislav Glazov

Course author

Maksim Smirnov


Marina Punkova


Vlad Valkovich


Stanislav Glazov

Curator of the course

3D and audiovisual artist with over 22 years of experience in computer graphics and 20 years 
of teaching experience.

Worked in the production of the computer game Killer Tank, Pilot TV, on the first Russian animation projects in the Classic Studio, on the largest film projects in the German studios Trixter Film and Scanline CA as a technical director for pipeline, Character Animation, Cloth Simulation TD, RnD for VFX.

  • After 2010 - creation of an automated infographic visualization system for Kommersant TV, cooperation with the largest Russian companies - SilaSveta, Stereotaktik, Invisible, Raduga Design - on VideoMapping projects.
  • In 2013, he created his own generative design studio Licht.Pfad. Cooperation with WhiteVoid. Creation of AV Performances in partnership with Dasha Rush, Robert Lippok
  • Performances at all the iconic festivals of the planet: Berlin Atonal, Mutek Montreal, Ars     Electronica Linz, Unsound Festival in Krakow, Raster-Noton night in Berghain, Barbican London, Resonance Festival in Tokyo, Mira Festival Barcelona, L.E.V. Festival, Light Festival Lyon
  • Since 2016 - working on theater projects with Maxim Didenko, including the creation of media servers for various performances.
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Yes. Despite our emphasis on motion design, the Hou2touch course is for anyone who wants to expand their professional capabilities with TouchDesigner and Houdini

Partial payment option available: 50% before the start of the course and 50% 90 days after the start

Every week you will have a new lesson. For convenience - each lesson consists of several videos to make them easy to view

Yes, the weekly opening of new lessons should develop in you the habit of learning. At first, it may seem difficult for you to get used to it, but the more time you devote to education, the more you will enjoy the process. This is a proven method that brings results.

Of course. We are interested in you learning how to use TouchDesigner and Houdini. It's impossible without practice.

When studying with curatorial support - our curators check homework and give feedback. In the courses of the format of independent learning, students perform tasks without subsequent verification by curators

Operating System - Microsoft Windows 8.1 / 10 - Apple macOS 10.12 and up Graphics Cards - A minimum of 1GB GPU memory and use of the most recent Nvidia drivers, AMD drivers or Intel drivers is recommended. TouchDesigner uses OpenGL. Desktop Cards - Nvidia GeForce 600 Series Card or better - AMD HD 7000 Series Card or better Workstation Cards - Nvidia Quadro K Series Card or better - AMD W or V Series Card or better Integrated Graphics NOTE: Not all features are supported on integrated video chipsets and there is a lower expectation on overall performance. - Intel HD4000, HD5000 and above Input Devices - A three-button mouse with scroll-wheel is required.

Operating System - Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10 / 11 (64 bit) - Requires 64-bit Intel-based or Apple Silicon Mac with macOS 10.13 and higher Note: on an M1 mac it is NOT supported natively yet. You can run via Rosetta and therefore the performance won't be as good as it will be once native support is added. Graphics Cards - 4GB VRAM or more is required. - A GL4.0 compliant graphics card is required. GL3.3 cards will have missing features and lower GL versions will not run Houdini 19 at all. - NVIDIA Quadro & GeForce GPUs: 511.09 Studio Driver or higher - AMD: 21.Q4 or higher - Intel or higher. Memory 4 GB required 12 GB or higher recommended and 64GB strongly recommended for fluid simulations Processor Intel or AMD x64 CPU with SSE 4.2 required

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