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Part 1 - Intro to Light Design (53 min)

  • A general introduction to working with light.
  • An overview of the different light fixtures, their features, and control systems.
  • Lighting control. protocols and standards.
  • Pros and cons of TouchDesigner and MA Lighting’s control systems. Several powerful reasons why you need to use them both right now.
  • A bit more about the general logic of MA Lightning.
  • The first run of MA onPC: Denial, Anger,Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance.

Part 2 - Intro to GrandMA (1 hour)

  • Patching fixtures in MA. The use of Lighting fixture Library.
  • How to run your 1000-fixture set, How to deal with touring etc
  • The way to control: Parameter counting in MA and DMX channels in TD.
  • Peculiarities of construction and operation of the system.

Part 3 - TouchDesigner (1,5 hour)

  • Efficient way to build the DMX Chart using Script CHOP
  • Networking in MA. Network addresses in MA onPC and Lighting desks.
  • How (and when) to connect up to 15 consoles in one network?
  • Master and Backup systems. Sessions, permissions, worlds.
  • Setting up a Loopback adapter and Connecting MA onPC to MA3D.
  • Patching the test scene with 100+ fixtures. Import of 3D models to MA.
  • Exporting tables and coordinates of the fixtures from MA into TouchDesigner to create a pixel mapping engine.
  • Setting up incoming and outgoing data streams, using ArtNet Inputs.

Part 4 - GrandMA - Sequences (75 min)

  • Previews, presets, sequences, cues, effects, control panels, cuelists, fixture properties and more.
  • Sequences
  • CUEs
  • Graph Editor

Part 5 - GrandMA ( 1 Hour)

  • Fixture Groups
  • Setting up Transformation in MA3D
  • Bitmapping in GrandMA
  • Programming FX

Part 6 - TouchDesigner ( 1,5 hour)

  • CHOP processing optimisation
  • Automatic generation of DMX Charts from GrandMA XML
  • Setting up Replicator for MultiUniverse projects
  • Pixel mapping in TouchDesigner

Part 7 - TouchDesigner (1 hour 20 min)

  • Additional opportunities to expand the functionality of MA, using TouchDesigner and Ableton:
  • Advanced MIDI control. Configuring MIDI and DMX Remote inputs to connect to external control devices.
  • OSC integration.
  • The use of Ableton as an external timeline with MIDI notes and envelopes

Part 8 - Laser Graphics in TouchDesigner (55 min)

  • Understanding of Laser mechanics - or how avoid the scanner burning
  • Laser CHOP
  • Etherdream CHOP
  • Sollingeer LA Toolbox
  • Controlling Colors
  • Masking Laser output

Part 9 - Moving Heads (70 min)

  • Two techniques for tracking moving heads with TouchDesigner and MA.
  • Pan Tilt Calculation based on 3D coordinates in TouchDesigner using Script CHOP
  • Baking up the Laser and DMX Data
  • Controlling GrandMa from TD
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Stanislav Glazov

3D and audiovisual artist with over 22 years of experience in computer graphics and 20 years of teaching experience

Worked in the production of the computer game Killer Tank, Pilot TV, on the first Russian animation projects in the Classic Studio, on the largest film projects in the German studios Trixter Film and Scanline CA as a technical director for pipeline, Character Animation, Cloth Simulation TD, RnD for VFX.

After 2010 - creation of an automated infographic visualization system for Kommersant TV, cooperation with the largest Russian companies - SilaSveta, Stereotaktik, Invisible, Raduga Design - on VideoMapping projects.

In 2013, he created his own generative design studio Licht.Pfad.

Cooperation with WhiteVoid.

Creation of AV Performances in partnership with Dasha Rush, Robert Lippok

Performances at all the iconic festivals of the planet: Berlin Atonal, Mutek Montreal, Ars Electronica Linz, Unsound Festival in Krakow, Raster-Noton night in Berghain, Barbican London, Resonance Festival in Tokyo, Mira Festival Barcelona, L.E.V. Festival, Light Festival Lyon

Since 2016 - working on theater projects with Maxim Didenko, including the creation of media servers for various performances.


Creation by Stanislav of the first author's course. It was a course on character animation in Maya, prepared for Realtime School in collaboration with Maria Stepanova (Animation director and teacher at VGIK)

> 40 performances

at major international festivals and conferences such as CGEvent (lectures on Houdini), Signal Festival in Prague, LPM Rome, Touchdesigner Summit in Montreal, etc.

> 2,000 people

have attended various trainings and courses by Stanislav - both organized by him personally and conducted jointly with various schools and institutes (among the latter - "Realtime", "SAE Academy", "Screamschool", "Houdini-Howto + RRM", "Bilgi University")

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